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  • Easier Async for Silverlight Apps using MVVM
    WPF and Silverlight have Dispatcher.CheckAccess / Dispatcher.BeginInvoke. Technical MVVM SilverlightIt makes sense to execute long-running tasks on a background thread, in order to keep the UI responsive by not tying up the main thread. However, as is the case with other UI frameworks such as Windows Forms or WPF, you should not touch UI elements from worker threads. This has to do with how Windows apps process messages, which are always handled on the thread that created the visual element. Windows Forms has the Control.InvokeRequired / Control.BeginInvoke API.
    Tony and Zuzana's World - Saturday, January 29, 2011
  • Using Model – View – ViewModel with Silverlight
    have found it extremely easy to use when developing very different applications and have used the design pattern recently in both ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight applications. Even thought the UI technology used doesn't change the basic MVVM pattern there are some subtle differences, like not easily being able to use ICommand in Silverlight, so I decided to create a small Silverlight sample. The basic structure goes like this: The user interacts with a View, implemented as a Silverlight user control. Tags: NET DevCenter WPF Silverlight 11: {. 13: set. 14: {.
    The Problem Solver - Tuesday, April 7, 2009
  • Madam Silverlight
    Just wanted to call out attention to a new Silverlight site created by Maine’s own Carolyn Smith: Silverlight Madam is the creation of Carolyn Smith. Then she discovered computer graphics and now she specializes in creating art in Silverlight.”. SilverlightFor many years Carolyn's preferred medium was watercolors. Note: Carolyn also runs the site
    DevelopMentor Courses - Thursday, June 9, 2011
  • Paging with the Silverlight RIA services DomainDataSource
    Using the declarative DomainDataSource that is part of the upcoming Silverlight 3 RIA services makes it quite easy to work with data. Tags: NET VB DevCenter Silverlight Data Access ASP.NET.All you need to do is add a DomainDataSource control to the the XAML, point it to the generated DomainContext class (in this case NorthwindContext) and tell it which method to use to load the data from the web service(in this case LoadCustomers). Next add a DataGrid to display the data and you are good to go. Adding paging. assume this is just a small bug in the current preview. Enjoy!
    The Problem Solver - Monday, April 27, 2009
  • Using dynamic objects in Silverlight 4
    Note: This blog post is written using Silverlight 4.0 RC 1 One of the cool new features in Silverlight 4 is the ability to data bind to indexed properties. Tags: NET Silverlight ASP.NET VS2010 This means that even if you don’t know at design time what properties you data object has you can still data bind to them. The syntax is very similar to a normal data binding, only in this case you need to use the [key] syntax instead. For example in example below the FirstName is a regular property while the LastName below is an indexed property. get; set; }. public Person(). {.
    The Problem Solver - Monday, April 12, 2010
  • Getting T4 templates to work with Silverlight
    In a previous blog post I mentioned that T4 templates didn’t quite work with Silverlight development. The reason being that Visual Studio decides to load the Silverlight version of System.dll which doesn’t contain all the required classes. Tags: NET Silverlight Fortunately I was not the first person to run into this limitation, Jason Jarrett did as well and he described the solution in a blog post here. The solution turns out to be surprisingly simple, just not very obvious. All you need to do is include the following line at the top of the T4 template. 11: {.
    The Problem Solver - Monday, March 23, 2009
  • Commands versus Event Triggers in MVVM
    For several reasons I tend to favor event triggers over commands in most scenarios, especially for Silverlight applications. Unfortunately Silverlight requires you to fire the CanExecuteChanged event manually, which is why implementations of ICommand (such as the DelegateCommand in Simple MVVM Toolkit) also expose a public RaiseCanExecute method. Technical MVVM SilverlightRecently I’ve received some questions from the Simple MVVM Toolkit’s discussion forum on when to use commands versus Blend-style event triggers. For example, I could have a method called ShowCustomer.
    Tony and Zuzana's World - Friday, July 22, 2011
  • Book review: Silverlight 4 in Action
    Some weeks ago I received a review copy of Silverlight in Action by Pete Brown. Reviewing this book took some time as it weighs in at a hefty 798 pages, who ever said that Silverlight was a small products? That is a lot of material but then the book doesn't assume any prior knowledge of Silverlight at all. The first part, consisting of 10 chapters, is titled "Introducing Silverlight" As the name suggests this covers the basics of Silverlight development. All in all I would recommend getting this book if you are serious about Silverlight 4 development!
    The Problem Solver - Wednesday, September 29, 2010
  • Keep Dependency Injection Simple with MEF
    and Silverlight right out of the box and is focused on the simple task of providing instances based on an agreed-upon contract. For that we’ll leverage the Silverlight Unit Testing Framework , which ships with the Silverlight Toolkit. We add a new project to the solution by selecting the Silverlight Unit Test Application project template. Technical MEF MVVM SilverlightOne of the main benefits of using the MVVM (Model, View, ViewModel) design pattern is to support better testability. The unit testing framework is simple another consumer of the View-Model.
    Tony and Zuzana's World - Tuesday, March 8, 2011
  • Tackling the Problem of Modal Dialogs in MVVM
    This plays nice with the asynchronous nature of dialogs in Silverlight, which are not truly model as they are in WPF or Windows Forms (this is because you can’t rely on the Windows message pump in a cross-platform framework such as Silverlight). Technical MVVM SilverlightOne of the first issues you’ll run into when wading into the waters of MVVM is how to display model dialogs to the user while executing code in the view-model. One of the main benefits of MVVM is better application maintainability. Another benefit is testability. This is typical of interfaces in general.
    Tony and Zuzana's World - Friday, January 28, 2011
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