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  • Allan Kelly: "We can do it!" - Problems at Philips?
    Of course I thought of W. Of course, I actually nothing about this banner or why Philips have it hanging in the office, but I do have an active imagination. 'This morning I drove past the Philips UK head office, thats Philips the Dutch medical devices company with a sideline in consumer electrics. Because it is January it is dark outside, and the lights were on in the Philips office. I guess hard working, committed, staff were already at their desks.) This looked like an exhortation. make all the difference. So why not enthuse them? but seeing that banner really made it seem real.
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Monday, January 12, 2015
  • Allan Kelly: #NoProjects / #BeyondProjects in InfoQ
    'InfoQ recently published my piece entitled “No Projects / Beyond Projects” , of course regular readers will know it should be titled “#NoProjects/#BeyondProjects.” Read it for yourself and let me know what you think
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Monday, December 8, 2014
  • Allan Kelly: Estimating business value: adding Value poker and Dragons Den to the Agile toolkit
    This is a technique I’ve been using for a while and always teach it in my Agile for BAs courses. 'A common piece of advice heard in Agile circles is: “Prioritise by value. Do the highest value first.” Sound advice, easy to say but perhaps harder to do. And if you know me - or just read this blog regularly - you may have heard me say something like: “Estimate the benefit/value expected, measure what is actually delivered and feed this back to your decision making process: calibrate you benefit estimates, do more work where benefit is missing or change direction when it is not possible.”
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Wednesday, December 3, 2014
  • Dialogue Sheets update (1 of 2)
    continue to use the Agile Thinking sheet at the end of Agile training courses to help teams talk about how they will put the training into action. Steve Smith has recently adopted a similar sheet on his continuous delivery courses. 'It has been a while since I’ve written about Dialogue Sheets here - or indeed anywhere else. So here is a quick update and a request for some guinea pigs - I have ideas for new sheets but I need some teams to try them out. If you want to be a guinea pig for a new sheet skip to the end of this blog.) Now some statistics. A word of warning here.
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Thursday, October 23, 2014
  • Allan Kelly: The Estimates Land mine - use and misuse of estimates
    Observe yourself next time you have to catch a bus, train, complete a tax return, hand in course work or do something (almost anything) with your kids. 'After posting my last post - Estimate or #NoEstimate that is the question? I felt a little as if I’d stepped on a land-mine. That is to say I had a few comments and a bit a mini-twitter storm. If I’m being honest I have been avoiding some of the estimates/#NoEstimates debate until now precisely because it is obvious feelings on the topic run high. Through the Looking-Glass, Lewis Caroll). But back to the word “ Estimates.”
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Thursday, October 9, 2014
  • Putting together a new Mob
    Of course, there is no right answer for this and we tend to use the heuristic of A mob is the right size as long as: Everyone is learning or contributing However, if you are assembling a mob for full time hire then that heuristic is not very valuable. 'Hello. m Llewellyn Falco and recently I embarked on forming a 5-person mob to be hired for full time employment. This series is about our journey where I will share the good and bad so others can benefit from our experiences. So here is what I used with the best understanding I have as to why I choose these strategies.
    Llewellyn Falco - Tuesday, October 7, 2014
  • Nightmare on Agile Street 2: Managed Agile
    my god, these guys are going on a Scrum Master course next week, there is going to be a bun fight, I don’t know who I worry about most these guys or the poor sod who is teaching the class…. 'Blow me down, its happening again… I’m awake. m wet, its a cold sweat. Its the small hours of the morning and the dream is horrid. ve been sent to Coventry. m in a clients office waiting for a meeting to start. The development manager is telling me she has selected me to help them become Agile, she checked me out online and recognises that I am pragmatic. Pragmatic. Pragmatic to me? But pragmatic?
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Tuesday, September 16, 2014
  • Agile outside of software
    Of course Agile works outside of software because that is where it came from.” Last year Martin Rowe talked about how he used Scrum to manage the Foundation Computer Science course at Plymouth University. As a result of this discussion my company has adapted its successful Foundations of Agile Software Development 2-day course for companies outside software. 'Later this week I’m doing a presentation at Agile On The Beach entitled: “Agile outside of software development”. I resisted the temptation to call it “Agile Beyond Software”). In a way, “Agile” has come full circle.
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Tuesday, September 2, 2014
  • Allan Kelly: Introducing the Agile Basics video series
    'In the last year I’ve had a lot of people ask whether I do online training, and I’ve had several of the partner organizations I work with suggest I should do more video training courses. If my courses were just me talking to the audience then maybe, but thats not what I do in my Agile training courses. More likely I imagine people who have been on my courses can use these to revisit some of the topics. ve even heard stories that some people can make good money doing this. My immediate reaction is doubt. But really: I just don’t know. How much editing?
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Sunday, August 3, 2014
  • Allan Kelly: Nightmare on Agile Street
    But of course they won’t. And of course I’m neither of those. Of course, without stories in the backlog he would cease to exist, his power comes from the size of the backlog, more stories more power. 'I’m awake. m lying in my bed. m sweating but I’m cold. Its the small hours of the morning and the dream is as vivid as it is horrid. m standing in a clients offices, I’ve been here before, I know whats happening. They are building an website. Quite a complex one, this will be the primary purchasing venue for many customers. All good stuff. How can that be? And the points….
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Monday, July 28, 2014
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