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  • Using SignalR for real time data updates
    In the following code the clients starts the communications hub and passed the loadBooks callback to load the books as soon as the communications are initialized. $( function () {. then( function (books) {. each(books, function () {. appendTo(ul); renderBook(newLi, this ); }); }); }; function renderBook(li, book) {. var books = _repo.GetBooks(); return books; }. }. e.preventDefault(); var form = $( this ); var book = {. val(). }; hub.updateBook(book); }); hub.bookUpdated = function (book) {. public void updateBook(Book book). {.
    Maurice de Bejeir - Wednesday, July 25, 2012
  • Agile: Where's the evidence?
    For their book Organizational Patterns of Agile Software Development Coplien and Harrison spent over 10 years assessing teams. A few weeks ago I was presenting at the BCS SIGIST conference - another outing for my popular Objective Agility presentation. Someone in the audience asked: “Where is the evidence that Agile works?” My response was in two parts. First although it sounds like a reasonable question I’ve come to believe that this is a question that is asked by those who don’t believe in Agile, those who want to stall thing. It is rarely a question aimed at a rational decision.
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Friday, March 30, 2012
  • Unit testing a ASP.NET WebAPI controller
    Testing a simple ApiController that gets data Suppose we have the following ASP.NET WebAPI Controller with two Get methods, the first returns the complete list of books and the second returns the book with the requested ID. 14: 15: // GET api/books. 24: var book = _repo.GetBook(id); 25: 26: if (book == null ). 30: 31: return Request.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.OK, book); 32: }. The Get() method that returns all books is easy enough to test. There are no dependencies on WebAPI bits, all it does is return a enumeration of books. 8: 9: }.
    Maurice de Bejeir - Sunday, May 12, 2013
  • Unit testing a ASP.NET WebAPI 2 controller
    1: // GET api/books. 10: var book = _repo.GetBook(id); 11: 12: if (book == null ). 16: 17: return Ok(book); 18: }. 11: var response = actionResult as OkNegotiatedContentResult ; 12: Assert.IsNotNull(response); 13: var books = response.Content; 14: Assert.AreEqual(5, books.Count()); 15: }. 2: public IHttpActionResult Put( int id, Book book). 8: 9: return Ok(_repo.UpdateBook(book)); 10: }. 1: // POST api/books. 2: public IHttpActionResult Post(Book book). 8: var actionResult = controller.Post( new Book. 13: {.
    Maurice de Bejeir - Wednesday, November 13, 2013
  • Unit testing code depending on the ASP.NET #WebApi HttpClient
    In this case the client application contains the following class to load books from the REST WebAPI controller: 1: public class BooksClient. 19: 20: public Book GetBook( int id). 27: 28: public Tuple PostBook(Book book). 30: var response = _httpClient.PostAsJsonAsync(BaseUrl.ToString(), book).Result; This class uses the HttpClient to request the data from the service and extracts the books from the body before returning them. The GetBooks() function gets all books from the REST service. 5: var books = new []. 14: {. Result; 18: }. 21: {.
    Maurice de Bejeir - Monday, May 20, 2013
  • An Effective Introduction to the STL Training
    The companion reference book, Nicolai M. Participants will gain: An understanding of the architecture behind the STL, including its core components and concepts. Mastery of the subtle differences in semantics of member and non-member functions with the same name, e.g., find, remove, etc. Knowledge of how to integrate STL containers with code expecting arrays and other C-like data structures. The ability to cope with the complex STL-related error messages compilers often generate. Format: Lectures and programming labs. Exercises Further Reading
    DevelopMentor Courses - Tuesday, March 1, 2011
  • Understanding Map - Reduce
    14: public string Book { get; set; }. Each order line contains the books title, the quantity and the amount it was sold for. In this case the books title and the price it was sold for. 3: public string Book { get; set; }. 11: Book = line.Book, 12: Amount = line.Price. 7: Book = line.Book, 8: Amount = line.Price. 7: Book = grp.Key, 8: Amount = grp.Sum(item => item.Amount). Quite a few people seem to be intimidated by the concept of Map-Reduce. Basic principle The basic Map-Reduce consists of two steps. Simple right? Again pretty simple right?
    Maurice de Bejeir - Monday, December 3, 2012
  • Maurice de Beijer: Integrating the #WebAPI HttpClient and ApiController in a single test
    Testing the getting of books The code used to test getting the books from the ApiController is actually quite similar to testing just the client code. In this case it uses an in memory repository so I know exactly that the same set of 5 books are returned every time. 11: var books = client.GetBooks(); 12: 13: // Assert. The test of adding a new book. Adding a new book in an integration test is just as simple: 1: [TestMethod]. 13: var response = client.PostBook(book); 14: 15: // Assert. 17: client.PutBook(book); 18: 19: // Assert. Sweet
    Maurice de Bejeir - Monday, May 27, 2013
  • Does Agile require cultural change?
    Heck, I kind of wrote a book about this once upon a time. 'If Wood Allen was an Agile Coach Consultant he might say: “#Agile without culture change is an empty experience; but as empty experience go its one of the best” I sit in Agile conferences (and I include Lean and Kanban here) and I hear people say “To really become Agile you need culture change.” And I agree with them. Yes, if you really want to be Agile, and get the greatest benefit from Agile you need to change the culture of the organization to embrace the Agile way. agree. But, big BUT…. Culture change is not an enabler.
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Thursday, November 6, 2014
  • Ameba Teams and Amoeba Management
    And there is a book I’ve yet to read: Amoeba Management: The Dynamic Management System for Rapid Market Response. Rather than go on about Amoeba Management right now I’ll let you read about it yourself - although that will cost, the article and the book. 'I’m probably going to upset some people with my spelling here but as far as I can tell, there are two ways to spell the unicellular lifeforms most of use learn about in school: Amoeba and Ameba. believe Amoeba is the more, shall we say, classical way of spelling the name but Ameba is also acceptable. Work flows to the team.
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Thursday, April 24, 2014
  • Screening C# Candidates: Let’s Play 20 Questions!
    If a person has ever bothered to read a book or technical article or taken a training course, their answers will set them apart from the crowd of folks who don’t make time for ongoing professional development. My short list for the books on various.NET API’s is Programming Entity Framework by Julie Lerman , Programming WCF Services by Juval Lowy , Essential WPF by Chris Anderson , Silverlight 4 in Action by Pete Brown , and Pro ASP.NET MVC by Steve Sanderson. Furthermore, I’m looking for a developer with a thirst for knowledge. This is the purpose of the technical phone screen.
    Tony and Zuzana's World - Tuesday, February 28, 2012
  • 10 Things to make you Agile adoption successfull
    And I fluffed it, despite having written a book on the subject I didn’t have a quick answer to hand. You can read the books, you can experiment, you can go on courses. Reading books works for some people but most books go unread, or the words go in one eye and out the other. One of the closing slides in my Agile Foundations course includes a quote from Ken Schwaber saying that only 30% of teams who attempt Scrum will be successful. What I find interesting about this quote is that it aligns with many other change management studies. There are real feedback loops here.
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Monday, May 14, 2012
  • Getting started with RavenDB in an ASP.NET MVC application
    In this demo I am going to use a simple book application to show how simple it is to get started with RavenDB. The book class is pretty basic and looks like this; 1: namespace RavenMvc.Models. 3: public class Book. list of books application. Showing a lost of books is real simple. 4: // GET: /Books/. 9: var books = session.Query ().ToList(); ToList(); 10: return View(books); 11: }. Instead RavenDB will just check to see of it knows about books and if so return them. Loading a single book. 2: // GET: /Books/Details/5.
    Maurice de Bejeir - Sunday, November 25, 2012
  • Maurice de Beijer: Querying RavenDB databases
    In my original online example you might have noticed that the books aren't ordered. 5: var books = session.Query (). 7: ToList(); 8: 9: return View(books); 10: }. 5: var books = from book in session.Query (). 7: select book; 8: 9: return View(books.ToList()); 10: }. Just want books from an author starting with “A”? The following view search for books where the title or author starts with the passed string. 5: var books = session.Query (). 8: ToList(); 9: 10: return View( "Index" , books); 11: }. 11: }. 11: }.
    Maurice de Bejeir - Monday, December 17, 2012
  • Allan Kelly: Nightmare on Agile Street
    points are the new hours, in the dream I have a book “The Mythical Man Point”. 'I’m awake. m lying in my bed. m sweating but I’m cold. Its the small hours of the morning and the dream is as vivid as it is horrid. m standing in a clients offices, I’ve been here before, I know whats happening. They are building an website. Quite a complex one, this will be the primary purchasing venue for many customers. This will project the company image - and with the right bits it can up-sell to customers - it can even help reduce costs by servicing the customers after the sale. All good stuff.
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Monday, July 28, 2014
  • RavenDB and multiple databases
    In my previous two posts about RavenDB I used a Book class as the example. The first example was an ASP.NET MVC 3 application and the second was an ASP.NET MVC 4 application and I just copies the Books class from the first to the second example. The extra information is stored as metadata along with the book data but only the actual class name, Book in this case, is used as the type discriminator. The screenshot below shows the metadata of one of the books I created using the original MVC3 application. And I could edit and save them without any problems.
    Maurice de Bejeir - Tuesday, November 27, 2012
  • 10 years on: IT does matter, more than ever
    remember booking my first flight to the US that year. We talked, she booked me a flight. This year I’ve booked flights on BA, KLM, S7 and Virgin Atlantic. How I book them - the company web site, Opodo, Expedia, SkyScanner has a lot to do with the customer service experience. normal start a flight search on SkyScanner, switch to Opodo or Expedia to book and complete things on the airlines own site. Booking the family holiday is even more IT dependent. At the time my response was, “Is IT worth it?” It was a strategy decision. Anyway, 10 years on.
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Thursday, July 19, 2012
  • Programmers without TDD will be unemployable by 2022 (a prediction)
    This is unlike Agile in general where it is very difficult to tell who actually understand it and who has just read a book or two.) 'New year is traditionally the time of predictions, and several of the blogs I read have been engaging in predictions (e.g. Ian Sommerville “Software Engineerng looking forward 20 years.” ). This is not a tradition I usually engage in myself but for once I’d like to make one. I’ll get back to software economics next time, I need to make some conclusions.) By TDD I mean Test Driven Development - also called Test First (or Design Driven) Development.
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Tuesday, January 7, 2014
  • It is all X or Y management - and why Agile people should read Mintberg
    I just checked and I am amazed to discover this 1961 book is still in print!) One of his shorter strategy books would make a good start. Rise and Fall is a great book that is work reading but it isn’t a quick read and it requires thought. Better to just read someone else’s book.) 'In the last few years it has become increasingly common to hear Agile supporters talking about Beyond Budgeting, indeed, I was instrumental in inviting Bjarte Bogsnes to deliver at keynotes at Agile on the Beach this year. Again, fellow travellers. And I’ve heard talk of Agile HR.
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Tuesday, November 18, 2014
  • Agile outside of software
    and my argument that “Agile is Lean thinking applied to software development” and I wrote whole book saying the software development, and Agile software development specifically, is an example of Organizational Learning. Ultimately the distinction between Lean and Agile breaks down in my book. 'Later this week I’m doing a presentation at Agile On The Beach entitled: “Agile outside of software development”. I resisted the temptation to call it “Agile Beyond Software”). Before the term Agile Software Development was coined there was “Agile Manufacturing”.
    Allan Kelly's Blog - Tuesday, September 2, 2014
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